Brief -El Cajas National Park- Guide

Brief -El Cajas National Park- Guide

📍 Located about 30 km west of Cuenca, you can find El Cajas National Park. A destination among the clouds, where you can breathe deep and calm down. You will only find yourself surrounded by valleys, hills, and lakes as well as adventure and history.

🧭 If you are looking for a quiet cultural adventure in the middle of a national park, read on, this is your guide.

How to get there?

🚌 The easiest way to get there is from these cities: Cuenca, Guayaquil or Quito.

Where to Stay?

Dos Chorreras

Sleep in-cabin suites. Hike in early mornings. Horse riding in afternoons. Lake at sunset. Nights filled with Ecuadorian traditional plates.
-All wrapped up in a single package for you-
So that you can enjoy, as you should, one of the most beautiful destinations Ecuador has to offer.

Dos chorreras was the top place to stay because it offered security, comfort, and natural & cultural activities.

Highlight of my Stay in Chorreras

Indigenous Village 🏕

The first place you will visit in this village is an indigenous dwelling where they have preserved artifacts, art, and traditions that date back to the early nineteenth century.

At that time for an area to be considered a village, it had to consist of a church and a store. In these places you will learn how daily life was experienced, the medicines they took, the clothes they wear, and the liquor they enjoyed.

What experiences to enjoy?

The common ones:

1) Visiting the city of Cuenca
2) Praying to the Virgin of Cajas

The adventurous ones:

🧭 The park has more natural charm areas, so I think the best advice I can give you is to go and discover everything on various hiking routes

What cuisine to try?


The most typical fish of this region is trout. Sign up to try it and if you dare, ask for places where you can go trout fishing. We captured this trout that you see in the right photo in one of the lakes (delicious).

Locro de Papa

“As with most other places in Ecuador and the Andes, altitude is a huge factor at Cajas National Park. The visitor’s center and starting point begin at 3,979m above sea level, and can go up to 4,450m at the park’s highest point”. –goatsontheroad

Keeping in mind the altitude, we Ecuadorians think that to heal headaches or tiredness, the secret recipe is to have a locro de papa. One of the most typical soups of Ecuador, made from potatoes.

Locro de Papa

Grandmother’s Soup

Also known as the soup of the sick. A chicken and vegetable-based broth that is perfect for warming up on starry and cold nights.

If you have the guts, try La Fritada

It is one of the most typical dishes in Ecuador, specially in La Sierra. You will usually find it in any traditional restaurant or being sold by a street vendor. It consists of a mix of dishes from different Ecuadorian cooking traditions, such as mote, choclo, maduro frito, cheese, and potato.



You are in Ecuador, so please enjoy our cacao. Recognized worldwide for its quality, you can find it in many variations. Starting with chocolate bars, cocoa tea, hot chocolate, and even cocoa wine.

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