Ecuadorian Dishes You Must Try in Guayaquil.

Ecuadorian Dishes You Must Try in Guayaquil.

Ecuador, a country of unalike traditions where its regions: Costa, Sierra, Oriente, and Galapagos stand out for their variety of customs, like its variety in gastronomy that captivates us all for its exotic and abundant dishes. The history of Ecuadorian gastronomy arises from the influences that its conquerors: the Incas and the Spaniards have had throughout the ages, along with effect from foreign forces mainly from Latin America who share a high similarity of traditional dishes and ingredients.

Did you know Ecuadorian citizens call their traditional dishes comida típica or comida criolla?

The most common ingredients

Plátano – Green Banana

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Photo Credits: Milenio

Yuca – Yucca

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Photo Credits: Mejor con salud

Lenteja – Lentil

Lentejas (Crudas) | Ashore Marine

Traditional Restaurants in Guayaquil

|Mi Tierra|

My mom and aunt’s restaurant

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In Mi Tierra, you can find traditional quality food in a welcoming environment that manages to highlight the culture of Ecuador through its decorations. I highly recommend that you’ll order the following dishes: Super Bacán Ceviche, Canoa de Maduro and Calentado.

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|El Gato|

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This restaurant it’s dedicated to Manaví, one of the provinces of Ecuador. The restaurant was initially in Portoviejo and then arrived in Guayaquil. With so many years of history, this restaurant predominates for maintaining a strong concept of Manaví Gastronomy and also for giving everyone’s palate an Ecuadorian experience. If you happen to go, do not hesitate to ask for the best dish in the house: Estofado el Viagra.

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|La Cevichería Guayaca|

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Photo Credits: La Cevichería Guayaca

Who does not love Ceviche? A dish that delights my soul, and that keeps surprising me every time I try it. In a place of charm, this cevichería undertakes the world of Ceviche by giving you more than 6 different options of seafood, which can be prepared in several ways. Do not miss the opportunity to go & experience the art of Ceviche.

|La Pizarra|

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Photo Credits: La Pizarra

Small gourmet portions of typical Ecuadorian food served in tapas, as in Spain. A relatively new restaurant that captures all Ecuadorians for providing a unique experience in the country’s gastronomy. The delicacy with which they prepare the dishes, the innovation, and the concept itself make the restaurant a place of great interest. Do not hesitate to go and make sure you order the: Costillitas BBQ, a base de canguil reventado.

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