Gracia, The Green Neighborhood of Barcelona.

Gracia, The Green Neighborhood of Barcelona.

Today I want to write about my favorite neighborhood in Barcelona. The District of Gracia; where street art is fascinating, the sense of being ecological is immersed in the life of every local and tradition perfumes the streets with joy.


To lose yourself in Gracia is like getting lost in a modern museum, you find so much street art apart from also finding innovative locals. Many things happen around this little neighborhood, being said that it is one of the happiest communities in Barcelona.

Due to the incredible amount of graffiti in Gracia, there are routes that one can put together. As I always prefer to get lost, I recommend you do the same and be surprised with what you can find.

The Artist Behind Gracia, RICE

Catalan artist based in Barcelona where he undertakes the streets of the city with colorful pieces along with its technique based on stencils.

Resultado de imagen de Surrealist stencil portraits – By RICE
Resultado de imagen de Surrealist stencil portraits – By RICE
Resultado de imagen de Surrealist Stencil Portraits – By RICE
Photo Credits: Street Art Of Barcelona



Gracia, the area in Barcelona that provides the best environmental services and events! There is so much that offers, from bottling your own laundry soaps to buying organic clothes. I thought about writing you a list of some of the places you could visit to promote the ecological sense in Gracia!

Gra de Gracia

Carrer de Puigmartí, 11

An organic store free of plastic containers with a wide range of BIO products. From cosmetic greens and infusions to cereal and biscuits.

Photo Credits: Plate Selector

El Safareig

Carrer de Santa Eugénia, 11

Every detail in this store is a charm, let the owner show you everything of what they are offering. From prepared cleaning products to ingredients for you to create your own product. Attractive, fun, and more importantly, ecological.

Resultado de imagen de el safareig barcelona
Photo Credits: El Safareig

Bodega Buenavista

Carrer de Bonavista, 10

What better than recycling your own bottle of wine and fill it for only 1 euro whenever you want. This charming historical place, invites us all to enjoy its different wines, from la Rioja To Catalonia.

Resultado de imagen de bodega bonavista, gracia barcelona
Photo Credits: Culinary Backstreet

Green Life Style Eco Fashion

Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla, 95

Ethics in fashion and respect for the environment! A shop with a very marked concept, that tries to conquer us all with the ideal of living better.

Resultado de imagen de green life style eco gasion bcn
Photo Credits: Trend Map


Want to learn how to sew or maybe sign up for a ceramic workshop, Gracia is your point of interest. A district full of creative entrepreneurs who seek life taught art. From monthly classes to 4-hour workshops. Find options here to develop your creativity.

Atuell – Creative Ceramic Workshop

Calle del Montseny, 45

Image result for atuell gracia
Photo Credits: Un buen dia en Barcelona.


Carrer de Verdi, 81

Shop based on materials for haberdashery and crafts, with workshops and sewing space to rent for an hour or so.

Resultado de imagen de costuretas gracia
Photo Credits: Costuretas Social Club

Victòria IbarsUtility ceramics & Sculptures

Carrer de Vic, 7

Image result for victoria ibars
Photo Credits: Tot Gracia


I should start by saying that there are many incredible food places in Gracia for everyone to enjoy. I wish I could write about all of them but in this short article I’m just choosing 1.


Carrer d’Astúries, 93

The picture says it all!

Resultado de imagen de chok barcelona
Photo Credits: Chok



A charming plaza build around 1840. Its beauty comes from the surrounding buildings that still maintain facades of the period. An interesting fact for you to know, the locals of Gracia find this plaza as one of their favorite! You can find it always full of young people enjoying life with a beer in hand. Day or night is an ideal place to visit, get lost in the variety of bars & locals around.

Resultado de imagen de plaza del sol barcelona

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