10 Popular Spanish Tapas You Must Try

10 Popular Spanish Tapas You Must Try

When coming to visit Spain, Tapas should gain the 1️⃣ position in your List of Must Things To Do

What are tapas in the Spanish Cuisine? Tapas aren´t any particular type of food, tapas are small portions of anything edible.
Where can I eat tapas in Spain? Everywhere, is totally immersed to the spanish culture.
Why tapas is such a big thing in Spain? Is one of the most popular activities.

My Top Ten Favorite Tapas In Spain 🍤

Patatas Bravas|Spicy Potatoes

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Oh, how I love Patatas Bravas! Is a quite exciting tapa to taste all over Spain. I swear every time I order this tapa; it tastes differently! The reason is behind the ingredients they use for the sauce, which is usually a garlic sauce, that’s why they are called brava/ spicy, but in my personal opinion, and coming from someone who hates spicy, this tapa is not spicy at all.

I put it as number one on my list because it is a tapa that you will find everywhere, even in vegan or healthy places, they will put them as an option. So I invite you to experience how many times you can my #1️⃣ tapa.

Find Below Your Authentic Spanish Patatas Bravas Recipe 👇

Calamar A La Romana|Fried Squid Rings

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Photo Credits: Viaje Jet

Crunchy squid rings with a touch of lemon! The perfect tapa to enjoy on a sunny day near the sea. If you are one of those persons who love seafood, then this is your must seafood tapa in Spain. It’s not like the patatas bravas that you find everywhere, but it’s still a very common tapa, mostly in areas near the sea.


Resultado de imagen de croquetas de jamon iberico
Photo Credits: Orielos Kitchen

It is one of those classic recipes that has always been done in Spanish houses and that, depending on what it includes and how they make the bechamel, it tastes differently. The most typical include ham, mushrooms, and cod, but you can find croquettes of infinite flavors. In big cities, you will find specialty shops in croquettes of all tastes.

Find Below Your Authentic Croquette Recipe 👇

Pan Tumanca|Tomato Bread

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Photo Credits: Viaje Jet

Of the most typical tapas of the Catalan cuisine, find them in every corner of Barcelona, a delight for the palate & the perfect option to start any meal of the day. In some places they give it to you free as in others they charge you, anyways is something that almost everyone orders to start their meal traditionally.

Find Below Your Guide On Making Your Own Tomato Bread 👇

Tomato Bread Recipe

Pulpo A La Gallega|Galician Octopus

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Photo Credits: Hogar Manía

Who can not like this dish, especially when it is traditional in Galicia. This tapa conquers anyone. It is a healthy and simple option, fresh octopus with flavored touches. You will not find it everywhere, and I would not recommend it anywhere, as it is always better to go to the place where you know they’re going to have fresh seafood every day.

Pescaíto Frito|Fried Fish

Resultado de imagen de pescaito frito españa
Photo Credits: Comprar Vinos Online

A dish of fried fish, among them, may include squid, sea fish, and other types of fish all in small portions. With a bit lemon stream and a beer, you´ll achieve the perfect combination for enjoying this special tapa.

Tortilla Española|Spanish Omelette

Resultado de imagen de tortilla española
Photo Credits: Velocidad Cuchara

This tapa is at the top of the list of many Spaniards! Everyone will tell you that their mothers make the best Tortilla Española, and it is true. Nothing better than eating it freshly & made in the house of a local.

💡 Did you know, many contests around Spain take place once a year to select the best Spanish Omelette made.

Find Below Your Guide On Making Your Own Spanish Omelette 👇

Jamón Curado|Cured Ham

Resultado de imagen de jamon curado
Photo Credits: Carmelo Gonzales

One of the reasons why I am completely in love with Spain, its for the excellent quality of ham. God it taste like heaven! The perfect accompaniment option to taste wines, cheeses, or conversations of life with friends. Depending on the quality, this tapa may vary in price.


Image result for olives
Photo Credits: The spruce eats

You can take them everywhere, a day in the park or a day at the beach, olives in Spain are all over the place. It is very typical to eat them with anchovy; instead, I prefer the natural olive with a touch of olive oil. Find them in all the restaurants and food markets.


Resultado de imagen de cheese in spain
Photo Credits: Luxury Travel Though Spain

Cheese lovers, Spain owns some of the best cheeses in the whole world! Their varieties of cheese is stunning. And like the ham is perfect to accompany it with wine. I recommend you not only to order cheeses in restaurants but also to head to the supermarkets and buy per gram, it’s going to be cheaper, and you’ll have more options to choose from.
-Delight yourself with the cheeses of Spain-

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