Destinations In Europe For Wine Lovers

Destinations In Europe For Wine Lovers

Your short detailed guide to some of the best destinations in Europe to enjoy wine. Ideas on routes to charming cities surrounded by vineyards where you’ll get to learn about wine production. Embark in the world of oenology with these European Destinations.

Wine Nights At The Fortezza In Siena, Tuscany.

If there is something that I have learned in Europe more than anywhere else in the world, it is how to drink & read wine. A glass of wine can make a sunset better, a journey better, the taste of cheese better and almost everything just better. After 5 years of enjoying European wine, I want to share now everything I’ve learned with you.

Wine Tasting In Tuscany, Italy

Who hasn’t dreamed of a trip to Tuscany?; tasting their incredible wines, losing yourself in medieval villages and witnessing beautiful sunsets in the Tuscan heart. These destination are typical in many bucket lists and it´s because the wine production is genuine. Extensive productive areas plus different types of grapes, unquestionable something worth to experience.

Day Trip To St. Gimignano

Top 11 Tuscany Wines, along with some of my favorites:

  • Elba Aleatico Passito
  • Brunello di Montalcino
  • Carmignano
  • Chianti
  •  Chianti Classico
  • Montecucco
  • Morellino di Scansano
  • Suvereto
  • Rosso della Val di Cornia
  • Vernaccia di San Gimignano
  • Vino Nobile di Montepulciano
Italian-Wine-Regions-Map. Give your limited Italian wine knowledge the "boot" and become an expert, then visit for great choices
Photo Credits: Wine Folly

Now, my Top Advice For All Of You when traveling to these villages towns. Please visit the small venues where wine producers are selling their own wine. They typically keep it inside the barrel, and it’s very cheap.

Know also that the incredible thing about Tuscany is that you are always learning something about the wine you’re drinking. You do not necessarily have to go to a vineyard to educate yourself in wine. Because if you ask in any Osteria, Trattoria, Restaurant or even in Wine Shops, Tuscans will tell you the story of that glass of wine you’re tasting from the button of their hearts.

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Wine Tasting In Navarra, Spain

In all the time I lived in Navarra I promised myself to get to know deeply their traditional history, which includes their great wine production through time. It’s amazing how you can get to taste many incredibles quality wines for just 2€

There are many great options of activities accompanied by a glass of wine in Northern Spain. The one I enjoyed the most & my favorite one, heading to the old part of the city known as the “Cascos Viejos” to visit Vasque Bars and tasted their quality local wines along of course with some pintxos.

Then there’s one activity that is at the top of everything, and it is to Visit the Vineyards Of La Rioja.

Bodegas Marques De Riscal

One of the best & oldest wineries of La Rioja founded in 1858. It is commonly known for its futuristic hotel designed by Frank Gehry, the designer also of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. What I mostly loved about this particular experience in difference to many others is that they invited you to walk through their crops explaining about their production in a really detailed way.

For More Information Visit: Marqués De Riscal

Bodegas Muga

Offering daily reservations, this Bodega stands out not only for owning one of the best wines in La Rioja but also for still making its own barrels!

Photo Credits: Bodegas Muga

For More Information Visit: Bodegas Muga

Dinastia Vivanco

Art & Wine, what a perfect combination for an unforgettable day. A beautiful vineyard where they offer their customers the option to have a delightful meal at a top restaurant. Along with visiting a museum. And the best of all, the chance to taste more than 12 different wines from their Vivanco Collection.

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Photo Credits: Vivanco Cultura De Vino

For More Information: Vivanco Bodegas

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Wine Tasting In Porto, Portugal

Portugal has so much to offer, cities that steal your sigh for being incredibly precious & for delighting your palate with its exotic wines. There are a lot of places that I still have to discover in Portugal, but I thought about putting this enchanting destination on the list. Even if is mainly known for being a tourist destination, it’s still perfect for learning the meaning of wine in Portugal.

So you can book a Day Tour to Douro Valley where you’ll get to taste wine, wine and + wine or you can opt for a more budget activity, visiting with a local guide 1 or 2 bodegas in Porto and then follow the route by visiting local bars that are also offering Tasty Porto Wines.

I chose this wine tour, worth it: Port Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting In Bordeaux, France

The Wine Capital of France, Bordeaux wine is everything you have ever dreamed of. Plan your day with a trip to Chateaus, in here you’ll get to learn about the wine history.

Find More Information On: Top Bordeaux Chateau

I would like to share with you guys a spot that stole my breath in Bordeaux named Ecole Du Vin De Bordeaux.In this fantastic place you’ll get to be a wine student for a day & taste many great wines for cheap prices. I wrote more detailed about this special place below on my post, check it.

Some Ideas On How To Spend Your Days In Bordeaux

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