Guide To Mexican Restaurants In Barcelona

Guide To Mexican Restaurants In Barcelona

Barcelona, the city of the world, where all cultures meet and enjoy life in celebration. If you come to visit or you are living here, you’ll notice that you’ll find countless restaurants options. Being the case that I’m one of those Latins that are crazy about Mexican food, I decided to write an exclusive post on Quality Mexican Food

Let’s start with the basic, the essential things you need to learn about Mexican Gastronomy

🔸 Mexican cuisine is part of the World Heritage for its combination of culture and tradition.
🔸 Its more traditional dishes: Guacamole, Nachos, Quesadillas, Enchiladas de Mole, Fajitas, Flautas, Carnitas, Tacos and Tamales.
🔸 It is one of the most popular food in the world.

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👉 –In my list of selected restaurants, you will find some that are purely Mexican, but also others that experiment with distinctive Latin American dishes

Machete (Latino Street Food)

Carrer Ample, 20, 08002 Barcelona

💰 Princes Range From 10€ to 20 €

Typical dishes that usually originate in the streets of Latin America. As for example, traditional corn: roasted corn with grated cheese. Also, in Machete they experiment with the Peruvian and Colombian coasts to delight you with different versions of Ceviche.

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Machete Restaurante
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Txalcal (Cantina & Taquería Gastronómica)

Carrer del Comerç, 27, 08003 

💰 Princes Range From 15€ to 35€

Learn how to eat tacos in a corner of El Born (The enchanting district of BCN). Always full of people! This place captivates us all for serving quality dishes. It is to say that in comparison to other Mexican BCN restaurants; this one is a bit more expensive. But it is indeed one of the best in the city.

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Costa Pacífico (Cevichería)

Plaça de Sant Agustí Vell, 13, 08003 

💰 Prices Ranges from 12€ to 25€

Costa Pacífico is another project from the same owners of Txaclal. Their product is fresh, and the ambient is lovely. Find this charming local in a small plaza in El Born. The best of all without a doubt, is their Ceviches.

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La Adelita Botanero

Carrer de Muntaner, 100, 08036 Barcelona

💰 Prices Ranges from 15€ to 25€

Authentic and traditional dishes prepared by a Mexican Team, friendly customer service and low prices.

Photo Credits: La Adelita Botanero

Tequila Cantina Mexicana

Carrer de Bilbao 13, 0805, Barcelona

💰 Prices Ranges from 12€ to 20€

Very close to the Ramblas of Poblenou find this place full of life and flavor. With a simple menu but with a great choice of tasty tacos. If you want to enjoy a perfect walk along with a great lunch or dinner, I recommend this place.

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Photo Credits: Tequila Cantina Mexicana
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Photo Credits: Tequila Cantina Mexicana

Oaxaca ( Authentic Mexican Cuisine)

Pla de Palau, 19, 08003 Barcelona

💰 Prices Ranges from 15€ to 35€

A Chef from Menorca who loves to travel and is in love with Mexican Culture. Joan Bagur creates a unique restaurant inspired by its passion for the Ancestral Gastronomy of Mexico. An exciting place to experience his exotic dishes.

Photo Credits: Oaxaca Cuina Mexicana
Photo Credits: Oaxaca Cuina Mexicana

Niño Viejo

Av. Mistral, 54, 08015 Barcelona

💰 Prices Ranges from 12€ to 35€

A well recognized restaurant created by two great Chefs Albert Adriá y Paco Méndez. For sure you would need to make a reservation months before to be able to enjoy these delightful dishes. Fresh products, quality dishes and reasonable prices for being a restaurant of high standard.

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