A Weekend In Venice, Italy

A Weekend In Venice, Italy

Unquestionably one of the most incredible tourist destinations. Built-in water & surrounded by Heritage. This Island is worth to see!


We arrived on Friday at 10 am and decided to start our Venice Experience with the Free Walking Tour. I always recommend to start the journey this way, to get an extensive knowledge in the history of the city and also to get some insides on local secret spots.

So you have several options of tours to choose. Due to my availability, I opted for this, and I think it was a great idea because It showed me the local side of Venice.

Timeline Of Venice In The Past

  • 428 AC – Venice is Founded.
  • 300 AC – Barbarian Invasion.
  • Catholic Times – A time in which Venice was constituted by different islands, due to the importance that had the Catholicism at that time, more than 80 churches were built.
  • 1204 – Venice conquered the Byzantine Empire.
  • 1098 – Carnival.
  • 1725 – Poverty in Venice & the arrival of Casanova.
  • 1797 – Napoleon is not interested in Venice and he sell it to Austria.
  • Darkest Period – Austria Dominates Venice.
  • With Austria Domination – Education, Art & Culture bloomed.
  • 1868 – Kingdom of Italy- Venice is taken by Italy.

What Tiziano And Caravaggio Painted For One Of The Biggest Churches In Venice.

The Santa Maria Dei Frari church was part of our stops in the tour. For only 1 euro we enter to what any painter would call a paradise. I’ll let the guide inform you about its history, but I’ll share with you guys just few images.

Photo Credits: Captiv-Eyes
Photo Credits: Scuderie
Martirio Di San Lorenzo – Tiziano
La Asunción De La Virgen – Tintoretto

Where To Eat

A tip for all of you when traveling Italy. Opt for food places that are called Osterias or Trattorias, in there you’ll find the real Italian cuisine, made at the moment & by an Italian.

Osteria 40 ladroni

Fondamenta de la Sensa, 3253, 30133 Venezia VE, Italia

Enjoying Life & Drinking The House Wine!
Crab Gnocchis

Pizzeria Oke

Dorsoduro 1414, 30123 Venice, Italy

Frito – Inn

Campo San Leonardo, 1587, 30121 Cannaregio, Venezia VE, Italia

You want to fill your stomach with fried seafood or maybe fried mozzarella, this take away food stand is amazing.

Ostaria A La Campana

Calle dei Fabbri 4720, San Marco Venezia

For more than 20 years this charming Osteria has opened its doors to customers. According to tradition, fish is bought every day from the best suppliers in the Rialto market. Enjoy the dishes of the traditional Venetian cuisine and get yourself to taste the typical wines of the region.

Spaghetti Di Mare

Want to learn + about places to eat? Find here some great ideas:

Sites To See

Let’s start by saying that there is a lot to see in Venice! It’s a shame to go with little time. Here I’ll post only two places that I think are of great importance to visit if you are running out of time.

St Mark’s Basilica

Resultado de imagen de st mark basilica
Photo Credits: DoTravel

Galleries De’ll Academia

Resultado de imagen de la academia venecia
Photo Credits: La Guia De Venecia

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Ideas On Day Trips From Venice

If you still have time, consider traveling to the islands around. Here I’ll share a great option:

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