Wine In Spain

Wine In Spain

Spain, a country recognized for having one of the most significant numbers of vineyards in the world. With more than 2 million vineyard acres and more than 200 varieties of grapes.

“Every time I open a bottle of wine, it’s an amazing trip somewhere”.

Dean Jose Andrés

When traveling to destinations such as Italy and Spain, comprehending their wine production is vital for understanding better other aspects of their culture. Thanks to the opportunities that I have had living in Wine Destinations, I decided to write about Spain Wine, the country in which I’m currently living.

Some Of The Wine Regions Classification by Wine Folly

The Green Spain

“Albariño is the champion grape of the sub-region called Rias Baixas (REE-us BYE-shus), which skirts the coast. The area specializes in zesty white wines and a few aromatic”. Wine Folly.

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Mediterranean Coast

“The coast is a very diverse macro-region that contains the sub-regions of Valencia, Catalonia and Murcia. Catalonia is known for Cava (Spanish sparkling wine)and a highly acclaimed red wine sub-zone, Priorat.” Wine Folly.

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Ebro River Valley

“The sub regions of La Rioja and Navarra are found in the Ebro River Valley. Here, Tempranillo is king and long-standing bodegas such as Lopez de Heredia and Marques de Murrieta make age-worthy wines”. Wine Folly.

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Duero River Valley

“The Duero River is the same river as the Douro in Portugal. This region is notable for the minerally white wine, Verdejo, of Rueda and the bold red wines of Toro, Ribera del Duero and Leon. The wine grape of this region is Tempranillo and in Toro it’s called Tinta de Toro, where it is considered to be a of the a slight mutation of the Tempranillo grape. Ribera del Duero is home to one of the most famous wineries in Spain: Vega Sicilia”. Wine Folly.

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Central Plateau

“The central plateau or Meseta Central is the inner plateau of Spain which is home to the capital city, Madrid. Because of its climate characteristics, vines are spaced very far apart and close to the ground. Some of the best value red wines of Spain can be found here made of Garnacha, Tempranillo and even the rare, Petit Verdot”. Wine Folly.

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Classifying wine

Denominación de Origen Calificada – DOC: Is reserved for that wine that has reached high levels of quality during an extended period. The first denomination in obtaining it was Rioja, in April of 1991.

Denominación de Origen – DO: Prestigious wines that come from a delimited production area and are elaborated according to quality and typicality parameters, each DO being regulated by a Regulatory Council that is in charge of ensuring aspects as necessary as varieties of authorized grapes, yields per hectare, processing methods or breeding times.

How To Buy Wine Like A Local

Tip #1: Look For Traditional Bodegas

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Tip #2: Recycle Your Bottle To Refill It From The Barrel

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Tip #3: When Buying Wine In Markets Make Sure To Take Your Time To Read And Ask About The Kind Of Wine You Are Buying.

Tip #4: Download Vivino And Start Making Your Own Favorite Wine List To Keep It Safe & Share It With Your Local Friends.

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