My One Year Abroad in Siena, Tuscany.

My One Year Abroad in Siena, Tuscany.

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Brief History Behind Siena


Siena is based on the hills, in the middle of narrow and winding streets. Although there’s history still unknown about the origins of Siena, the doubts of the present state that the city follows a period in which the Sienese wanted to be the heirs of Rome. With this in mind, you can now further understand the symbol of the town: the wolf (who loves Romolo), Remo and his shield. Surely it is known that Siena was part of the Roman era during the Republican period. And that Augustus to presided and populated placed a colony.

The time of The Free Republica.

The times of the Free Republic of Siena were, also, from the artistic point of view, the most flourishing. Especially in the first half of the 14th century, temples and palaces were built. The flourishing Architecture became the mirror of the economic prosperity of that time. An interesting fact is that in Siena, before Florence, a mercantile activity was carried out at a European level, which later consisted of high-profit banking operations -> Monte Di Pasci.

Second half of the 19th century- It was painting that gave the best fruits.

As for art, from the second half of the 19th century, it was painting that gave the best fruits. And at the beginning of the 18th century, the other arts contributed to the beautification of Siena. Without modifying its most outstanding aspect: one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Italy.

Siena in the past and present.

The current Siena looks even very similar to the one in the 13th and 14th centuries. The picturesque city is still an important cultural center, especially in humanistic disciplines and has a great tourist attraction that is influenced by its connection with the past and its high cultural activity.

Sites To See

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Photo Credits: Discover Tuscany


Photo Credits: Discover Tuscany


Photo Credits: Discover Tuscany

My Secret Spot

Classy, ​​Fancy & Historic Tea House just 2 minutes walking distance from Piazza Del Campo

A magical place. Every night, around 20h, they served different cakes along with a complete variation of teas. It was like entering a spacious room where they had recreated small living rooms all filled with comfortable sofas & vintage chairs. And guest the best of all…

**They had board games and jazz sessions**


If you don’t have a clue on whats an Aperitivo, CLICK to find out more. An essential thing to know when traveling in Italy!

My 2 Favorite Aperitivos In Siena
  • 1. CONAD

Personally, for me, this was the best spot for enjoying your Aperitivo. The idea of drinking your Aperol sitten in a supermarket with views of the Piazza Del Campo was attractive.

Find it every afternoon right precisely in the Conad of Piazza Del Campo.

  • 2. NANNINI

Honestly, this place cannot be more classical.They serve Aperitivo every afternoon, make sure to go.

The Perfect Pizza


As we all know, Italy is best known for its pizza. During my year in the Tuscany Region, I decided to taste as most as I could. I was always attentive when deciding which pizza place to choose. What I would generally do was asking locals where to eat them and why.
I can say that many had their charm but the one I picked as my favorite is in this spectacular place, found in a corner behind La Basílica de Santa María dei Servi, called Pomodorino. God their pizzas were delightful as well as the view!

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