Ideas On How To Spend Your Days In Bordeaux

Ideas On How To Spend Your Days In Bordeaux

Is curious that not too many people know about this Insanely Romantic & Historic Beautiful City. Knows as The wine capital of France. Find in this post an itinerary on what to do and what to see in Bordeaux for a weekend. Recommendations on Markets, Restaurants, Tours and Gardens.


The Free Walking Tour

Find + Info: Bordeaux City Free Walking Tour

In my opinion, the best way to get an introduction to the history of the city is with the Free Walking Tours. Through all my travels in Europe, I have always opted for this option. You get to learn a lot about the historical side, see all the most important buildings and get an idea on how the locals live.

Make sure to make a reservation before and choose the kind of tour that best fits you.

The Marche Des Capucins Market

This market has everything you need to delight yourself. From artisanal cheeses produced in farm areas to a significant variety of fresh seafood such as: buckets of mussels and oyster dishes. The prices are reasonable and needless to say that all the food prepared is fantastic, is made from the native farmers that reside in the lands near Bordeaux.

Vin Ecole Du Vin

Ladies: Wine, Wine & Please More Wine

You get to be a wine student for some hours. Amazingly well-thought place. This Ecole its surrounded by wines from the distinctive regions of Bordeaux. While you are sitting, the sommelier is going to take care of everything you order. Let them choose the wines for you. Just sit there and learn about the different grapes, tastes, smells & more.

Les Moules Du Cabanon

Perfect location. Good ambient. & quality food. For no more than 15 €, you’ll get to eat a tray of mussels, along with french fries, bread and a half bottle of wine. Considering that you are in France, please let these amazing trays of mussels tent yourself.

Photo Credits: Les Moules Du Cabanon


Sel Et Sucre

It must be in your bucket list the idea to eat a crepe in France. This spot was recommended by my tour guide from the free walking tour, you’ll find heaven with every bite.

Maison Georges Larnicol MOF Biscuiterie Chocolaterie

Another spot recommended by the tourist guide known for its macarons. Find this chocolaterie just in front of the Neoclassical Opera. Delight by picking one of every flavor.

Jardin Public

A public garden house, an arboretum, a library and a Museum of Natural History. All found in one public park. If you are looking for a relaxed plan where you can sit and watch the life of Bordeaux go by, head here.

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