Barcelona Local City Guide

Barcelona Local City Guide

I’ve thought in writing a guide that tourists could find useful for seeking local places in Barcelona. Find here a short list of 5 places where you can get to enjoy: city views, sunlights, spanish beers and the best of all pintxos & tapas.

|An ideal guide for tourists seeking the experience of the local life in Barcelona|


Carrer del Turó de la Rovira 61I, 08032 Barcelona

You can arrive at the Bunkers Del Carmel either by car, bus or walking. It is a must to reach the top. The views you get to see from the city are insane, worth to experience it. An excellent activity for a sunny day, – it is indeed the best way to get a full image of Barcelona.


Plaça del Sol, 08012 Barcelona

In the favorite little neighborhood of many of us: the locals & the foreigners. You’ll find a charming plaza build around 1840. Its beauty comes from the surrounding buildings that still maintain facades of the period. An interesting fact for you to know, the locals of Gracia find this plaza as one of their favorite. You can find it always full of young people enjoying life with a beer in hand. Day or night is an ideal place to visit, get lost in the variety of bars & locals around.

Photo Credits: Ajuntament de Barcelona

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Carrer de Blai, 08004 Barcelona

On Thursday in some bars they offer pintxo & half a glass of beer or wine for just 2€

In the neighborhood of Poble Sec, you’ll find a short street (5 minutes walking distance) called Carrer Blai. Sincerely there is no better spot to taste Spanish Gastronomy than there. Cheap, enjoyable and pleasurable. This street takes you on a passeggiata through the Basque and Catalan kitchen. A local area without tourists to peacefully taste the pintxos and tapas. Pintxos and Tapas? Yes, you’re wondering the meaning and differences. Let me put it straightforward:

  • TAPA: Is always serve on a plate, it is usually a smaller portion of food than the main course, but it usually has its equivalent in the rations and main dishes of the menu. You have to use cutlery to eat it
  • PINTXOS: Is traditionally served on a piece of bread or other edible bases, usually has few ingredients supported with a toothpick. You eat it in one or two bites without the need for cutlery.


Photo Credits: Via Vespa


Photo Credits: Animal Gourmet


El Born, 08003 Barcelona

A more tourist district than local but worth to be written in this guide. If you are in BCN for the 1st time, this area is a MUST. ‘El Born’ common known for its narrow medieval streets surrounded by local bars and artisan shops. The idea is to go and get lost in all those hidden streets. You’ll be fascinated with everything you can get to find from workshops of ceramics to incredibly creative cocktail bars.

Photo Credits: Barcelona Connect


Rambla del Poblenou Barcelona

In the district of Poblenou, from the year 1853, you found the Ramblas De Poblenou. A walk that goes from the sea to the mountain and that consists of restaurants, locals and social activities.

Photo Credits: Sh Barcelona

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  1. I went to EL BORN after reading it here and I simply loved it. The old city vibe with a hipsterish touch.
    Thank you so much for recommending it.

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